Intro to Competitions

This is a potential class for our skaters in Basic 4 and above who would like to learn more about what it is like to compete. Skaters will work one-on-one with a Coach to learn a one-minute program for their specific skating level. 

During the 30-minute class, skaters will be expected to practice their skills while not working with a coach. Coaches will rotate among the skaters to teach them choreography and how to skate a solo program with music.

Skaters will have the opportunity to attend several local competitions. Additional fees apply for any competitions the skater attends. Skater is responsible for all competition registration fees, travel fees, costume fees and coaches' fees while attending a competition.

This is a great "crossover" from the group classes to decide if private lessons and competing are the right fit for your skater.

Please email the website administrator (from the bottom of the Home Page) or Lisa Berg (from the "Board" Page) for more information if you are interested in participating in this class!