Private Lessons

Private figure skating lessons are available through Marshfield Silver Laces as a way for your skater to:

  • improve their skills,
  • learn skills at a more rapid pace,
  • prepare programs for local competitions,
  • begin USFSA testing, and
  • perform in a specialty number for the annual ice show.

Private lessons can be arranged by contacting a coach and determining which date(s) and time(s) each week will work best for lessons. Additional costs involve paying for ice and coaches' fees.

Coaching fees vary based on the skating levels the coach has passed and their experience. Private lessons generally range in length from 10 to 30 minutes. The fee charged by the coach is pro-rated to the length of the lesson given.

Coaches are individually contracted by Marshfield Silver Laces; as such, their invoice is independent of the program. In general, the coach will provide a monthly, detailed bill for lessons given. Payments for CLUB Ice are made payable to Marshfield Silver Laces while payments to a coach for private lessons are made to the individual coach. Check the "Documents" tab for ice availability and fees. See tabs on this page for available coaches and their individual fees.