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Ice Show Practice - Begins February 21st

Sunday February 21, 28 & March 7 all groups will practice


Time Group Coach(es)
5:15-5:40pm Frozen Morgan and Joelle
  Wizard of Oz Danielle H
  Trolls Meghan
5:40-6:05pm Men in Black Janet
  Greatest Showman Joelle
6:05-6:30pm Pitch Perfect Danielle and Janet
6:30-7:00pm Features  (See Feature Chart)
7:00-7:15pm Zamboni  
7:15-8:00pm Contract Ice  
8:00-8:45pm Contract Ice  
8:45-9:30pm Contract Ice  

Ice Show Pictures - Monday, February 22, 2021

  • MONDAY, February 22nd, 5:00-9:00 PM
  • Try on your costumes!!

Please arrive 15 minutes before assigned time-dressed and ready to go!

Don’t forget your mask, skates and skate guards!! Parents remember your checkbooks.

Once skaters are lined up, masks will be removed for 5 minutes while the photo is taken. If you elect to not have group photos taken, please text Lisa Berg at 715-573-0245.  You can still have individual pictures taken if you choose not to be photographed as a part of the group.

5:00  Skills Synchro - Black Pants & Show t-shirt (6 skaters)

5:20  Frozen (7 skaters)

5:40  Feature Quartet (4 skaters)

6:00  Men in Black (10 skaters)

6:20  Greatest Showman (12 skaters)

6:40  Wizard of Oz (6 skaters)

7:00  Features Jessica & Meghan’s Trio & All Soloist

7:20  Duets

7:40   Trolls (5 skaters)

8:00  Pitch Perfect (18 skaters) the 9 open synchro skaters must have individuals done first

8:20  Open Synchro - Black Pants & Show t-shirt (9 skaters) 

8:40  Pet (22 skaters) Start with individuals while you wait for people to change from synchro

9:00  Clean up - all HS team members should plan to stay until all chairs/tables are put away. 

Group photos are included in the program. Please let Lisa Berg know if you are not going to be available for pictures by texting or calling 715-573-0245.

Separate envelopes/payments per photo/costume. Envelopes will be available on picture day. Payable to Paul Tishim Photographic Artist

Ice Show Program Shout Out

  • Write your message in the form below and enclose your payment of $15 made payable to Marshfield Silver Laces Figure Skating Club.  We cannot accept anything after the 22nd, so don’t delay!
  • Due February 22nd
  • Friends, parents, grandparents, siblings - anyone is welcome to give a shout out to his or her favorite skater!

Ice Show Dress Rehearsal

Each show number is assigned one dress rehearsal on either Thursday or Friday

Arrive at the rink using the main entrance 15 minutes prior to your time 100% dressed in costume. Skaters put skates on in the concession area as soon as you arrive and be ready to go. Parents should keep your skater’s coat, shoes and skate bags in the stands. Leave through the far exit.

**Thursday, March 11th


5:00  Skills Synchro - Black Pants & Show t-shirt (6 skaters)

5:20  Frozen (7 skaters)

5:40  Feature Quartet (4 skaters)

6:00  Men in Black (10 skaters)

6:20  Greatest Showman (12 skaters)

6:40  Wizard of Oz (6 skaters)  

6:50  Soloist Hadlee & Ainsley 


**Friday, March 12th

5:00-8:00 DRESS REHEARSAL --

5:00  Features Jessica’s Trio & Soloist Madelyn (4 skaters)

5:20  Trolls (5 skaters)

5:40  Pitch Perfect (18 skaters)

6:00  Features (Trio x2 , Duet x 4)

6:30  Open Synchro - Black Pants & Show t-shirt (9 skaters)

6:45  Seniors Feature

7:05  Pet (22 skaters)

7:25-8:00  HS Team Danielle Hall will choreograph a short routine this night

Ice Show - Saturday, March 13, 2021


We will not be having volunteer requirements as we have had in previous years. However we will need help to remove glass after Friday’s dress rehearsal as well as some limited set up on Saturday morning and take down after the taping. If you are available for any of these please reach out to Kami Weis.

Due to current guidelines that limit rink occupancy to 25% capacity, each skater is allowed 2 spectators that are expected to wear masks. We will be doing spectator tracing so you will need to check in and provide names and phone number of people attending. If a skater has a blended/double family they are allowed 2 from each family. Seniors are allowed additional spectators.We will not be selling tickets but will take a donation at the entrance to hopefully cover some of the lost revenue from not having the traditional show. 

Skaters are expected to arrive fully dressed for their performance. All skaters and family members are expected to leave immediately following the video taping of their performance. We are not allowing pictures on the ice as we need to clean and usher the next group in for taping. Flowers were only available by pre order. If you ordered in advance, you can pick up your flowers as your skater puts their skates on. 

Groups will enter the ice from a curtain on the ice as in previous years. The decorations will be minimal. Groups will skate their routine one time. If a group has a fall or a serious memory issue, it will be immediately rerecorded and the better of the 2 recordings will be used on the DVD. There will also be an option to purchase a live video stream of the performance for family members that are not able to attend the performance. (web address to be added as soon as available).

Immediately following the performance, skaters will exit the ice on the opposite end of the rink. Families are to meet their skaters at the exit end and leave the building so we can clean following USFSA and hockey association guidelines. There are other skaters scheduled to skate right after your group and we must keep things moving.

The “show” order was designed to limit the amount of time people were in the rink and potential exposure for contact tracing. The DVD version of the show will follow a more balanced version of groups and features. 

Saturday, March 13, 2021

1:00  Skills Synchro - Black Pants & Show t-shirt (6 skaters)

1:20  Frozen (7 skaters)

1:40  Feature Quartet (4 skaters)

2:00  Men in Black (10 skaters)

2:20  Greatest Showman (12 skaters)

2:40  Wizard of Oz (6 skaters) & 

3:00  Features Jessica & Meghan’s Trio

3:20  Trolls (5 skaters)

3:40  Resurface

4:00  Soloists Madelyn, Hadlee, & Ainsley

4:20  Pitch Perfect (18 skaters)

4:40  Features (Natalie’s Trio , Duet x 4 (11 skaters)

5:00   Open Synchro - Black Pants & Show t-shirt (9 skaters)

5:20 Senior Feature

5:40   Pet (22 skaters)

6:00  HS team


Every effort will be made to stay on schedule. It is recommended that families text family using live stream to watch the show so that they do not miss your skater’s performance. We recognize we will need to wait briefly for costume changes for skaters in features and multiple groups. Lockers rooms are assigned by grade level and in accordance with hockey’s occupancy guidelines.

Locker Room assignments for skaters in features/PET/synchro

Seniors-Girls Varsity Locker room

Juniors - Locker Room C

Sophomores - Locker Room D

Freshman - Locker Room A

Middle school & younger - Locker Room B

Board Nomination Applications

  • If you are interested in running for a position, please complete the form below(front and back). 
  • Forms are due by Sunday, February 7, 2021. 
  • The Nomination Committee will make their recommendations and the MSLFSC current board of directors will finalize their decision by February 14, 2021. 
  • At that time, the 2021-2022 board will be listed on the website. 
  • While many of our current board members will apply to remain on the board, there will be several openings due to attrition.

Communication 1/17/2021

A quick safety note: There has been some suspicious activity reported around the ice rink. The police are monitoring the area. Please always leave with a buddy or in small groups and do not leave children unattended outside the ice rink.



  • Three weeks: 1/24, 1/31, and 2/7
  • If you did NOT sign up for the show but want to continue skating these weeks, the cost is $35. No fee for those signed up for the ice show (email to be added to mini session)
  • NO group lessons or ice show practice 2/14

Ice Show Practices

  • Sundays 2/21, 2/28, 3/7 (times TBA)
  • Dress rehearsal time assigned for either 3/11 or 3/12
  • Show recording on 3/13

PET Practices

  • Wednesdays 2/3 and 2/10
  • 8:15-9:00 PM

Beyond the Basics Boot Camp

  • Save the Date: Monday, February 15, 2021
  • 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • GUEST COACHES Garrett Kling and Sandra Johansson will be leading group seminars and some private lessons available. More information to come for all skaters who have passed out of Free Skate 6!


  • Watch REMIND for updates

Congratulations on a FANTASTIC "Ice School Musical"!

Thank you to all the parents, family members, skaters, coaches, board members, and community members who made our show possible! We hope you enjoyed the show and we are looking forward to next year!

Learn More about Figure Skating!

Are you new to figure skating? Or "old", but feeling confused? Please visit our "Levels and Resources" page to learn more! Learn about the difference between Basic Skills and Free Skate classes as well as USFSA testing for Moves in the Field, Free Skate and Dance.

Also, Learn to Skate USA has created apps available for Android devices, iPods, iPads and iPhones to allow parents and skaters to "see" skills in action and learn more about figure skating!

Silver Laces Mission Statement

We strive to provide a high quality coaching experience in a fun and safe environment for all age levels to promote growth and success in the sport of figure skating.

Skaters meet at Marshfield's Youth Ice and Recreation Center located on the Marshfield Fairgrounds. Lessons run on Sunday evenings from October to early March.

The 2016-2017 Season Competitors

Photos of Silver Laces Skaters

Click on the Gallery link to view photos from Emonis in Motion 2017 Ice Show, Badger State Games 2017 and blasts from the past: the Holiday Skate with Santa, Children's Miracle Network Skate-a-Thon, 2013 Costume Night, Dairy Fest Parade and 2012 Theatre on Ice Competition!

Click on the "Don Patterson Photography" link below to see photos of the 2014 Annual Ice Show, "iPod Skate".

Photo Galleries

Follow this link to view photo galleries of our Silver Laces in and out of action.

Ice Show Feature Practice

Sunday Feature practice 6:30-7:00

Dates: 2/21, 2/28, 3/7

Sunday Feature Groups

Coached By









Hannah H/Aubri





Wednesday Feature practice 8:30-9:00

Dates: 2/24, 3/3, 3/10

Wednesday Feature Groups

Coached By







Madelyn N

Danielle W.

Senior #


Meghan/Hannah F/Lauren

Meghan / Checking in with Joelle

Ice Show Program Advertising Form

Marshfield Silver Laces ice skaters will be performing an annual ice show to the theme “A Night at the Movies”. We’d love it if you would consider advertising in our program booklet. We will provide an online version of our booklet to our virtual viewers so we anticipate having 800+ viewers both in person and through our live stream performance. In addition to the paper & online booklet advertisers are mentioned several times during our live stream recording.

Thank you for your consideration!

So Many Choices - What do they all mean?

Your resource for defining all of the class options, teams, and what Silver Laces has to offer skaters of all levels!

Membership Definitions, Ice Information, Teams, Competitions and Ice Show

Click on the above link for more information about membership options, ice availability, teams, competitions and ice show guidelines.

Levels and Tests Passed - Click on link below!

Link to Levels and Resources Page and Tests Passed

Learn about the skills in each level as well as the USFSA testing system. Click on the link above for a list of our skaters who have passed USFSA tests!

Countdown to 2021 Ice Show


Safe Sport Training Requirements

Volunteers who will be entering the locker rooms MUST complete SafeSport training through the USFSA.

Instructions are provided in the document below.

Plan ahead -  Training takes approximately 2-3 hours. You do not have to complete the entire course in one sitting. When you login for subsequent sessions, the course will pick up where you left off.

Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Board meeting agendas and minutes are available for all to view. Please click on the "Board" page and then the "Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes" tab.

Photos from Recent Events

Click on the above link for photos from our Showcase of Talent and the Fox Valley Invitational!

Ice Show Photos

Happy Homes Productions took photos throughout our dress rehearsal and ice shows. The photos are now available for purchase! Click on the link below.

Skate with Santa 2018

Ice Show Photos Available

Ice Show Photos are available for purchase! Click on the above link and pick out your favorite action shots.

Need information, questions or concerns? Please email us!

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