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Snowplow Sam (Beginners)

Snowplow 1

  • A. Sit and stand up with skates on – off Ice
  • B. Sit and stand up – on Ice
  • C. March in place
  • D. March forward  (8–10 steps)
  • E. March, then glide on two feet
  • F. Dip in place

Snowplow 2

  • A. March followed by a long glide
  • B. Dip while moving
  • C. Backward walking, toes turned inward, shifting weight (4-6 steps)
  • D. Backward wiggles (6 in a row)
  • E. Forward two-foot swizzles  (2-3 in a row)
  • F. Beginning Snowplow stop motion - in place or holding onto barrier
  • G. Two foot hop in place (optional)

Snowplow 3

  • A. Forward skating (8-10 strides)
  • B. Forward one-foot glide, two times skater's height (right and left)
  • C. Forward swizzles (4–6 in a row)
  • D. Backward swizzles (2-3 in a row)
  • E. Moving forward snowplow stop (two-foot)
  • F. Curves

Snowplow 4

  • Forward skating
  • Backward two-foot glide, length of skater's height
  • Backward swizzles
  • Rocking horse - one forward, one backward swizzle, repeat twice
  • Two-foot turns from forward to backward, in place (both directions)
  • Two-foot hop, in place