2024-2025 PET & Synchro Team Survey - DUE June 30, 2024


High School Team

High School Team is comprised of a group of skaters who attend local high schools. The group competes together at local competitions in both individual and group events. Each skater is assigned one to two individual skills to perform during the competition. In addition, the team holds practices to focus on individual skills and prepare a group artistic routine. High School Team Requirements.

2023-24 HS Team

Performance Entertainment Team (PET)

Production Ensemble is a team of 8 or more skaters who perform a routine that tells a story. Skaters must attend practices and assist with costume and props. The team competes at Badger State Games and performs at our four ice shows in March. Free Skate 2 or higher. PET Team Requirements.

2023-2024 PET Team (Beetlejuice)

Synchronized Skating Team (Synchro)

Synchronized skating team is comprised of 8-16 skaters, based on both age and skating level. The team must perform required elements together as one unit. They make various formations on the ice and do specific footwork. Basic 6 or higher. Synchro Team Requirements.

2023-2024 Synchro Team